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We have replacement parts for your UBE Equipment!

We help bakeries get products ready for the grocery store…safely, quickly, and without backbreaking work. We make it easy to AUTOMATE the packing room.  We focus on bagging and slicing buns, rolls, loaves, bagels, and English Muffins.

Save money and increase safety with us.

We create clever, beautiful, and easy-to-maintain equipment. We reduce labor expenses while improving the happiness of operators. 

After the sale, we support you with expert service technicians and the latest CAD product database management. We’ll keep you posted with service bulletins and information on new tools.

In addition, we provide spare parts and blades. We carry parts for UBE equipment. LMC can even refurbish used equipment with our precision machine and weld shop.

Please write us or call 1-913-378-3800 to discuss your packaging challenge.