SOLD-Fanuc Robot M-420iA

Product description:

Used Fanuc Robot M-420iA

Price: $4600 OBO – Sold In “As Is” Condition Only

Condition: Good – Missing Controller

The FANUC M-420iA industrial robot is designed for a variety of high-speed manufacturing applications including packaging, palletizing, material handling, machine load/unload, and parts transfer. With its 4 axes of motion and a 40kg payload, the M420iA Rj3iB is an excellent palletizing robotics system, and moves with speed and accuracy. The four-axis dexterity of the M-420iA allows access to multiples packaging lines with one unit.

The M-420/iA food version is IP65 rated for wipe down and low pressure rinse with water and sanitizes. This M-420iA version has additional features designed to meet the requirements of the food industry. The grease used internally is food grade and the cables are enclosed to reduce maintenance requirements. Suited for secondary (packaged) food products, the robot arm is designed to prevent moisture retention, bacteria growth, and rust.