UBE 1216H Bagger

AS IS- Price Negotiable
Refurbishment/ Customization Available



Used UBE 1216AL Bagger

Condition: Good, Running

Price: $40,000 OBO with reburbishment/customization negotiable.


The Model 1216H Bagging System is designed to package products in wicketed polyethylene bages. The System Automatically aligns, groups, slices, stacks, inserts into bags, and then closes or seals the bag in any conventional manner.

General Specifications:

Speed: Up to 65 Packages per minute
Package Size: 6″ to 16″ long, 4″ to 1/2″ wide
Electrical Requirements: 20 CFM, 90 PSI dry filtered air

Note: Some extremes of product size may require nonstandard bag specifications or unique bagger attachment. Modifications of the bagger system to handle nonstandard products will be considered by.