A Full Range of UBE Replacement Parts

Do you need a reliable source for UBE spare parts, service and training for your UBE equipment? Our company started in 2014 and meets this need. Our combined sales force has more than 35 years’ experience with UBE equipment and UBE replacement parts. Our precision machine shop has just as much experience, along with the capabilities to produce your unique parts, and more.

Why chose LMC? Our UBE replacement parts fit right the first time. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and service, including overnight delivery. And, we’re experts when it comes to UBE and bakery equipment and parts. However, we offer more than just spare and replacement parts, we also act as consultants that partner with your maintenance staff to get your equipment working better with increased uptime.

Our service, quality and experience set us apart – there’s a good chance our staff built the machines in your bakery. Our brand-new 10,000 square-foot factory and machine shop can build whatever you need to keep your UBE equipment up and running, and our large inventory meets your needs fast.

“The most important part is the one you need right now. We have the parts you need, when you need them. We look forward to working with you.”

—Steve Bastasch
President, Lenexa Manufacturing Company