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When We Talk About Us, it’s Still About You

Nimble and knowledgeable, we’re a true manufacturing partner who will be by our customers’ side when needed, for as long as needed, making sure the food they proudly serve is bagged and sliced with beautiful efficiency. That’s why we say we do more than manage and make equipment. We make it right.

We’re a Young Company with a Long Baking Heritage

LMC is owned and operated by a family that’s been baking for more than a century. Stephen Bastasch, LMC president, represents the third generation of his family that’s been working in or servicing bakeries. He’s proud to continue his family’s legacy of honesty and integrity in a customer-focused business. This heritage, combined with several employees’ decades-long experience in the industry, gives LMC a wealth of expertise and emotional ties that extend well beyond the date we first opened.

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Bastasch family immigrates from Sudentenland, now part of the Czech Republic.



Andrew Bastasch starts a bakery that became Luxury Bread.



Luxury Bread booth at trade show.



Oregon Journal, December 16.



Bakery on Stark Street in Portland, Oregon.



Andrew’s son, Frank, becomes the manager for Hudson House Grocery at age 19.



Frank’s son, Paul, makes early morning deliveries of bread during the summers of his high school and college years.

Lenexa Manufacturing Timeline - Paul works for Luxury Bread until 1970.



Paul works for Luxury Bread until 1970. Hudson House goes out of business. Frank Sr. becomes sole owner of Luxury Bread.



Paul begins working with Frank Jr. at United Bakery Equipment (UBE), until 2013.

Lenexa Manufacturing Timeline - Luxury Break closes



Frank Sr. passes away and Luxury Bread closes.



Paul teaches his son, Steve, the values of honesty, fulfilling promises, focusing on customers, and how being ethical will pay dividends with customers and staff.



Paul’s crew at UBE.



Steve Bastasch opens Lenexa Packaging Equipment Co., a company that refurbishes and provides replacement parts for bakeries.

Lenexa Manufacturing Timeline - Paul Steinke is the first employee



Paul Steinke is the first employee. He starts as head mechanical engineer to lead design and systems projects.



LMC expands into a 10,000 sq. ft. factory space in Lenexa, Kansas.



Dave Smith begins working at LMC as the customer service manager. He worked at UBE for 31 years.

How We Work Shows Who We Are



We help our customers today by making sure we’re always prepared for tomorrow. New tech? Always on it. New idea? Always for it. By embracing continuous improvement, we can deliver the very best service year after year after year.



We’re there when our customers need us, doing exactly what needs to be done. We go the extra mile to know them and their businesses so well that we become an extension of their team — a perceptive, steadfast, always-great-to-see-you extension.



We take pride in our work. That might seem like a small thing, but when customers meet the incredible minds and machinists dedicated to their business, it’s easy to see that stamp of approval is a straight-up guarantee of excellence.

“I just wanted to take this time out to acknowledge and commend you guys on the amazing job that you have been doing thus far. Your detailed knowledge of the equipment and parts is amazing. I have placed immense comfort in relying on your team for parts without a doubt I know for sure I will get the correct item; it’s like going to your desk and sitting on your chair without a second thought becauseyou know for a fact the chair will hold you comfortably and support you. One main thing I really appreciate is your time and fast response in responding to emails and requests. The warmth of conversating on parts is so welcoming and makes me feel like we are all part of one family. Keep up the great work and I have no doubts you will continue to be successful.”

Omar Edwards – Cusano’s Baking Company

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