Explore LMC’s inventory of bun, bagel and roll slicing blades of all sizes and shapes, available with overnight delivery.

    • Lenexa Manufacturing Company has an inventory of bagel blades for bread slicing machines.


      Bagel Blades


    • Find replacement band blades for your slicers at Lenexa Manufacturing Company.


      Band Blades


    • When you need replacement blades with optional coatings for your bread slicers, Lenexa Manufacturing Company has them.


      Optional Coatings


    • Lenexa Manufacturing Company is your source for replacement bun blades and more.


      Bun Blades


  • Vertical blades for bread and bun slicing machines are available from Lenexa Manufacturing Company.


    Vertical Blades

  • Get a lock nut design bagel blade for your slicing machine from Lenexa Manufacturing Company.


    Lock Nut Design

  • Ken Onimus of New York International Bakery states our lock nut design bagel blades are “phenomenally better” than standard rivet blades.
    Watch our video to learn more.


What Sets Our Blades Apart?


  • Quality Materials:

    We are the only manufacturer to provide stainless steel shafts, #304 stainless. Our blades are laser cut out of chrome vanadium steel, protected for storage and shipment with a long-term corrosion inhibitor.

    Superior Machining:

    We use a precision ground shaft for a great fit into high-speed spindles, giving lower vibration and longer life. We use computer numeric controlled lathe to turn down the hub AND the complete assembly to ensure perfect concentricity. Plus, we assemble the unit with a custom profiled tool & die to compress the rivets.

    Thorough Quality Check:

    Each blade is individually tested for runout on a lathe with an indicator. Total runout is guaranteed to be < 10/1000 inch at a 3-inch diameter. (That’s about 2 hairs!)

    Fast Delivery:

    We offer overnight delivery.