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Slice. Bag. Seal.

Over 300 customers from 45 states including 3 Fortune 500 companies trust our slicers and baggers.


Meet your true equipment partner.

Your machines need to be your most reliable employees.

Working hard day in and day out. Accurate as can be. No sick days. And worth every penny. From slicers to baggers to heat sealers and more, we take care to build them precisely, service them perfectly, and do absolutely everything we can to make them perform exactly as they should so you get exactly what you need.

Bun, Muffin, Roll & Waffles Bagging & Slicing


Bagel Bagging
& Slicing


Bread Bagging
& Slicing


See all our commercial bakery equipment in the LMC catalog

From baggers, slicers, and replacement parts to servicing and training, our bakery equipment catalog lets you explore everything we offer in one convenient place. Download it now to find out how we can help you build your dream bakery.

For Us, A Good Challenge is a Good Day

You might be looking for a new machine built to your specifications. We’re your one-stop shop. Your UBE machine might have some hard-to-find replacement parts. We’ve got you covered. You might need a prototype developed quickly. We can do that. Maybe you need someone on-site immediately to service your equipment. We’ll be there. We approach every day with a yes-first attitude so that our customers get “heck yes!” results.

Think of Your Best Service Experience, But Better.

We’re a personable, passionate team of homegrown perfectionists. When we build, we use the latest means and methods to get it right. When we service, we stay until things can’t go wrong. Fast, fastidious, and flat-out committed, we guarantee exceptional service every time.   

Specializing in:

  • 24-hr. turnaround time on parts
  • Overnight delivery on parts
  • Blades
  • Prototypes tested in SolidWorks 3D
  • Innovation to fulfill your needs
  • High-quality materials
  • Superior machining
  • On-site auditing, servicing, & training
  • Slice. Bag. Seal.

Maintenance and Service

Need on-site service, preventative care, or training?

Our team is attentive, experienced, and always ready to be by your side to ensure your employees, parts, and equipment are working effectively.

“I just want to say what a great success the 90-75 refurbishment was. Great job Lenexa Manufacturing Company!”

Craig Amster | New York International Bakery

“I am so glad we found LMC! We all know how difficult it can be to get parts these days and it is hard to find anyone that still believes in keeping relationships with customers. So to find great service at a fast lead time is a thing of the past. This is what I have found working with LMC.”

Brad Horrocks, Engineering Team Franz, SLC.


“So far ran 2 test blades with no coating. They are working good. We clean them on same frequency as the coated blades. Worked Well.”

Jean Riley, Production Superintendent | Crispy Bagel Co

What can we make right for you?