Lenexa Manufacturing Company’s team of gifted engineers put their experience to work using 3D drafting software and printing to perfectly design new and replacement parts for your machines. In addition, our experienced technicians provide maintenance and service for bun baggers and bun slicers.

Stephen Bastasch


Stephen Bastasch, founder and president of Lenexa Manufacturing Company, offering industrial bread slicer and bagger parts and equipment

Stephen Bastasch is the President of Lenexa Manufacturing Company, LLC  (LMC).  Prior to starting LMC, he worked in corporate finance positions at Procter & Gamble, Dun & Bradstreet, and the New York Times Company.  Most recently, he worked as a sales manager for the United Bakery Equipment Company.  He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Stephen's LinkedIn profile is here.

    Jerry Hoke

    Parts Manager

    Parts Manager Jerry Hoke at Lenexa Manufacturing Company. Jerry can find the part you need for your industrial slicing and bagging equipment

    Jerry Hoke served in the U.S. Marine Corps before he attended Iowa State University earning a BS in Wood Science (called Wood Engineering by some schools).  He then earned a Teaching Certificate at Iowa Wesleyan Collage and a Masters in Science Education at Drake University.  He has designed and built homes, taught math and science grades 1 to 12 including teaching three semesters in a mission school in Bolivia S. Am. Read full biography...

      Paul Steinke

      Mechanical Engineer

      Lenexa Manufacturing Company mechanical engineer Paul Steinke. Paul can design the industrial slicing line you need

      Paul Steinke served in the United States Air Force working on electronics for aircraft.  He then received a two year degree in Machine Tool and Mold Making and a Four year degree in Plastics Engineering Technology from Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS. Prior to working for LMC, Paul was a Design Engineer for inventors and companies that need help with product development.  His career consisted of part and mold design for plastics and included plant layout, process control and material selection.  At LMC, Paul leads mechanical design and systems engineering projects.

        David Smith

        Customer Service Manager

        David Smith, Lenexa Manufacturing Company customer service manager
        David Smith worked at United Bakery Equipment Company. for over 31 years. He joined LMC as a customer care manager in July of 2015.


          Paul Bastasch

          Advisor for Lenexa Manufacturing Company, Paul Bastasch
          Paul graduated from Seattle University in 1964 with a business degree. During high school and college he worked in the Portland, Oregon bakery begun by his Austrian grandfather in the early 1900's. Read full biography...

            Chris O’Connor

            Chris O'Connor, advisor for Lenexa Manufacturing Company
            Chris studied accountancy at Rockhust University. He hold degrees in law and tax from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Chris is a small business owner.

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