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Cutting-edge equipment in action

See how LMC’s top-of-the-line industrial slicers, baggers, and sealers can enhance your baking operations. Each video showcases our team’s skill and expertise in crafting equipment that will make your processes more efficient and successful when handling bread, bagels, or buns.

Model AL19 - Bun Bagging and Slicing

Model AL19

Bagels and Muffin Bagging

Model SLBS - Bagel Slicer

Bread Slicing and Bagging

Model 25 - commercial bread slicer

Reciprocating bread slicer (rbbs)

Single Band Slicer

Model pdsl - heat sealer for plastic bags

Model 9075 - Bread slicer

High Quality Hinge Blades

Narrow Band Slicer

Model AL19 with Hinge Slicer

Model HS19 - Hinge Slicer

LMC 75 Bagger

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