Automated Bun Slicer

Automated Bun Slicer

Heavy duty and made for you.

Every one of our pieces of automated bun slicing equipment is designed and machined to exacting standards to meet your high-capacity needs. Plus, it’s customized. Our talented engineering staff will meet with you in the design process to maximize productivity and efficiency of your equipment while also lowering key costs.

All the cuts. All done right.

Hot dog rolls, hamburger buns, hoagies, and more — our range of automated bun slicers can cover an array of products. Whether you’re needing a clean horizontal cut or a butterfly cut, we’ve got the equipment to help to do it precisely and consistently.

Bun Slicers Made Right

Highest-quality, food-grade stainless steel


Precision parts made in the USA


Unmatched support 24/7


Custom designed and engineered to fit your needs


What can we make right for you?