Automated Bread Bagger

Automated Bread Bagger

bread bagger model 75

Trouble free is our mantra.

Our automated bread baggers are crafted with the goal of making your life easier. That means we focus on making sure each process is intuitive, each slice is perfect, and every line safely propels your business forward.

High speed that’s highly reliable.

Thanks to gear boxes, cams, a long-life high-torque pneumatic brake all designed for high-speed production, our automated bread baggers can bag up to 75 loaves per minute. Add in category 3 safety controls and you’ve got equipment that will do more than keep you up running — you’ll be up and flying!

bread bagger model 75-1

Bread Baggers Made Right

Highest-quality, food-grade stainless steel


Precision parts made in the USA


Unmatched support 24/7


Custom designed and engineered to fit your needs


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