Automated Bun Bagger

Automated Bun Bagger

Reliably reliable (sounds weird, but it’s accurate).

One of the benefits of our automated bun baggers is that they’re a reliable sum of their very reliable parts, design, and engineering. When each of those is done right (which it is), you get equipment that delivers day after day after day…after day.

Precision every step of the way.

From mechanically distributed drivetrains to a fixture welded frame, matched safety sensors to a servo rotary bag table with 100% CNC components, every aspect of our automated bun baggers serves a precise function to bag your product with pristine efficacy and consistency.

automated sesame bun bagger

Bun Baggers Made Right

Highest-quality, food-grade stainless steel


Precision parts made in the USA


Unmatched support 24/7


Custom designed and engineered to fit your needs


What can we make right for you?