We Have Bread Slicer Blade Guides

Attention: Bakers

Do you slice loaves of bread with Model 90-75 or 50-80 slicers?  Are your slices crooked?

If so, your slicer lattices need new blade guides.

We show  parts for a small shaft (.407″ D), and large shaft (.4963 D).

Part Number
small and large
View 1View 2View 3View 4
LATT-0081 and LATT-0085LATT-0081 Projected 1LATT-0081 Projected 2LATT-0081 View2LATT-0081 View1
LATT-0082 and LATT-0086LATT-0082 Projected 1LATT-0082 Projected 2LATT-0082 View2LATT-0082 View1
LATT-0083 and LATT-0087LATT-0083 Projected 1LATT-0083 Projected 2LATT-0083 View2LATT-0083 View1
LATT-0084 and LATT-0088LATT-0084 Projected 1LATT-0084 Projected 2LATT-0084 View2LATT-0084 View1

Order new guides today.

→  Boost slice consistency

→  Decrease time to change width and blades

→  Improve the ease-to-adjust your lattice – (dough build-up and worn bushings make it a drag)

→  Replace worn parts like crooked prongs and damaged ceramic wear strips

Follow these two steps to order:

1.  Pick your specific guide (there are four types) from the photos below.

2.  Contact our sales staff (Steve Bastasch and Dave Smith).  Call today: 1-913-378-3800.  Email today: sales@lenexamc.com.

Inventory will move fast because our first batch will be small.  Long lead times from our competitors have built up demand.

Thank you – Steve Bastasch