Lenexa Manufacturing Company’s in-house replacement and spare parts department carries thousands of replacement parts suitable for many different bakery equipment machines from a wide range of manufacturers. LMC inventories an extensive portfolio of replacement parts for bun and bread baggers and automated slicing equipment for slicers, including blades, heat sealer parts, twist tie machines, and other parts used to replace UBE (United Bakery Equipment) parts. LMC part numbers and OEM part numbers are both listed.
If you need assistance finding the right automated slicing machine parts, bun and bread bagger parts, or a specific UBE part, please contact us today and we’ll help you find the replacement part you’re looking for.

“First, the blades are simply better than the competition. Beyond that, the response time LMC provides really sets the company apart. We are a 24/7/365 operation. If we are without blades to provide sliced bagels to our customers, we are out of business! LMC’s in-house customer service folks are the nucleus of the company and make this great service possible.”

—Anthony Neri
GM Neri’s Bakery Products Inc.