Product description:

  • Semi-Automatic Twist Tie Machine.
  • Perfect for bakeries, supermarkets, food service, industrial, and retail applications.
  • Straight line ribbon feed for jam free operation.
  • Ultra-tight twist tie closure.
  • Can tie up to 40 bags per minute.
  • Uses only a 3 inch piece of twist tie material for an immediate cost savings over competitive equipment.
  • Works with Tach-It 01-2460 and 03-2500 standard twist tie materials. Also Tach-It 17-2000 non-metallic twist tie ribbon and decorative 20-4000 metallic twist tie ribbons.

The Tach-It Model #3560 is our economical semi-automatic twist tie machine. Perfect for use in bakeries, supermarkets, food service, industrial and retail applications, the Model #3560 is lighter, has a smaller footprint and is simpler to use than other table top twist tie machines currently on the market today. Utilizing straight line ribbon feed to avoid jamming of the twist tie ribbon through the mechanism, the Model #3560 offers and ultra-tight closure using only a 3′ length of twist tie ribbon and can seal 40 bags per minute. The Tach-It Model 33560 works with most twist tie materials including our Tach-It 03-2500 paper/plastic twist tie ribbon, our 01-2460 plastic/plastic twist tie ribbon, our 20-4000 decorative twist tie ribbon and our exclusive 17-2000 Polycore twist tie ribbon which contains no-metal and can travel through metal detection equipment without alarm.


MODEL #35673568357035103510A
Tying Capacityup to 1/2 inchup to 1/2 inch1/8 inch to 1 3/8 inch operator adjustable1/8 inch to 1 3/8 inch automatic adjusting1/8 inch to 1 3/8 inch automatic adjusting
PlatformTable TopTable TopTable TopHand-HeldHand-Held
Cycles per Minute50 per minute50 per minute50 per minute50 per minute50 per minute
Power110 Volt110 Volt110 VoltLithium PolymervBatteryLithium Polymer Battery
Number of Twists4 full twists4 full twists3 full twistsOperator adjustable from 2 1/2 to 5Operator adjustable from 2 1/2 to 5
Tach-It Twist Tie Materials03-250001-246017-200020-400003-250001-2460,17-200020-400003-250001-246017-200001-23003-19703-23005-230
MountableMounting Structure OptionalMounting Structure IncludedCan be mounted through frameNot ApplicableNot Applicable