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The Bakery Packing Machine: Everything You Need to Know

bread before going through Bread Packaging Equipment

Those who manufacture bakery items are aware that bread packaging equipment may make all the difference. In fact, it defines the food’s final quality in terms of taste, aroma, and even visual appeal. If you need to pack your bakery items, a bread bagger machine is an ideal solution to your bread wrapping problems. 

bread before going through Bread Packaging Equipment

Scope of Bread Packaging Equipment

Two Types of Machines

Bakery packaging has a practical purpose as well as an attractive one: it protects bakery products like cakes, bread, and pizza from dust and other small insects like grain weevils, who are particularly fond of starchy meals. The products are additionally protected from moisture and heat by the packs. 

Automatic Bread Packaging Machine

An automatic bread packaging machine provides for the packing of a large number of products in a short amount of time without losing quality. For those looking for adaptability, a modular semi-automatic packaging machine may be the best option because it allows you to choose whether to thermo-retract the film on the goods or simply seal it.

Manual Bread Packaging Machine

The manual bread packaging machine is ideal for bakeries and small supermarkets that need to pack modest quantities of products. In truth, a manual packaging machine is simple to operate and incredibly precise. For this type of business, a chamber packing machine is recommended, the packages will not only be perfectly sealed but also visually appealing maximum client pleasure!

Bread Packaging Equipment: A Concept and What You Need to Consider

The bread packaging machine must be able to accommodate a wide range of sizes, weights, and ingredients. Not only bread, breadsticks, focaccia bread, pizzas, wraps, and desserts, dry and freshly baked pastries, biscuits, but also any creams or sauces used on them, are perishable bakery products. 

Supermarkets, communities, bakeries, canteens, private enterprises, and fast food chains should evaluate the features of each product when selecting a machine that will deliver the most precise results when it comes to packing.

The Three Basic Kinds of Bakery Packaging Machines

Loaf & Bread Bagger

A vertical bagging machine is suitable for packaging fresh, bulk bread and bakery goods, as well as products for daily consumption: once the quantity of products to be bagged has been determined and the film has been applied, the packaging machine will seal the bag at the appropriate height. Quick and simple. 

Heat-Shrink Bagger

Heat-shrink wrap machines are suitable for perfectly packaging cakes, pizzas, focaccia bread, and tray sweets. The product, which is wrapped in sealed polyethylene film, is placed in a shrinking oven, where the heat causes the film to shrink until it completely adheres to the contents. The end effect is both hermetically sound and aesthetically beautiful. 

Flow Pack Packaging

A flow pack packaging unit is the most powerful machine for packaging single items like croissants, sandwiches, and biscuits, as well as crackers and breadsticks. Flow pack packaging has three seals: one at the top, one at the bottom, and one in the middle, all along the length of the package. It is a convenient, quick, and extensively utilized packaging. 

bread from Bread Packaging Equipment

Looking For Bread Packaging Equipment Near You?

From all of us at Lenexa Manufacturing Company, we implore you to contact us if you want to know more about our services and if you require anything more that you have not been able to find in this guide. Call us now!

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How and When to Clean and Maintain a Commercial Bread Slicer

Bread Slicer Machines

Bread slicer machines are an easy example that gets overlooked or is commonly forgotten when cleaning your restaurant kitchen. Whole loaves of bread are consistently and equally sliced using commercial machines. They are commonly found in bakeries and other establishments that make their own bread. Lenexa Manufacturing Company’s blog today presents a few cleaning and maintenance tips for commercial bread slicer machines.

Bread Slicer Machines

How Important is Maintaining Your Bread Slicer Machine?

Cleaning Your Commercial Bread Slicer

The equipment in your commercial kitchen or hospitality business needs to be well-maintained. This type of equipment is designed to survive continuous or frequent usage, and if it is not properly maintained, it can negatively impact production, sales, and your budget.

Bacterial development and cross-contamination are reduced when slicers are cleaned and maintained properly. If not adequately addressed, slicers can end up in serious sanitation difficulties. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, operators should not take any shortcuts.

Cleaning Suggestions for Your Bread Slicing Machine

  1. Always take caution!
  2. Before undertaking any cleaning or maintenance, read the instruction handbook.
  3. Before cleaning or performing any maintenance on your bread slicer, make sure the machine is fully unplugged.
  4. Always use safety gloves to protect your hands.
  5. Wipe off the equipment, especially the blade, with a wet towel soaked in sanitizer.
  6. To avoid bread tasting like sanitizer, wipe down the bread slicer with hot water after cleaning (ring out the towel so it is just damp).
  7. To avoid rust, always dry your bread slicer with a dry rag after cleaning it.
  8. When cleaning the blade, never force the towel against it because the blades are quite sharp, and you might easily injure yourself.
  9. Remove and replace each blade one at a time when changing them, making sure they are all in the appropriate spot.
  10. When you are finished cleaning and maintaining your bread slicer, tighten all of the screws.


Maintaining Your Commercial Bread Slicer in Working Order

You get a lot of small crumbs when you slice bread. As a result, most machines feature pieces that can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Make sure to clear out the crumbs on a regular basis to ensure not only food safety but also that they do not build up and reduce the machine’s efficiency.

You do not want crumbs to become stuck in the machine and hinder it from working properly. Another technique to keep your bread slicer in good working order is to replace the blades on a regular basis. The frequency will be determined by the amount of bread you are slicing. If you slice less than 50 loaves each day, changing the blade once a year should suffice. If you slice more than 500 loaves each day, however, you should replace the blade every two months.

Final Note

Operators should be aware of certain signals that suggest the unit may need to be replaced. Broken or malfunctioning parts can affect the quality of the slices as well as the operator’s ability to clean the slicer effectively. Broken components may require the purchase of a new unit, depending on the cost of replacement and repair.  

sliced bread from Bread Slicer Machines

Looking for Bread Slicer Machines Near You?

We are committed to ensuring that our clients get the most out of their equipment through educating them. If you require assistance, please contact us today at Lenexa Manufacturing Company.

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Why is Baking Good for Combating Stress? 

Bun slicer equipment

Do you find yourself baking items in bulk and requiring bun slicer equipment? You’re not alone! Many people started baking more during the COVID-19 lockdown to keep themselves calm during the pandemic – but why is baking so good for relieving stress and anxiety? 

Bun slicer equipment

Baking and Mental Health 

Some studies have shown that baking can relieve stress by allowing people to express themselves creatively. It helps you keep your focus on something else, like pouring the correct measurements instead of what’s troubling you. Baking also gives people some kind of outlet that distracts them from life’s stressors. 

Ways Baking Can Be Therapeutic 

Did you know some psychologists agree that baking can also be a great form of therapy? Although it’s great for easing stress and anxiety, it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for speaking with a licensed mental health professional. Below are some of the ways baking can be therapeutic for you: 

Repetitive Motions are Calming 

Baking involves a lot of repetition, from kneading to mixing to measuring. It can be soothing and reduce stress because it allows most of your physical and mental energy to flow as you get in the zone. 

Baking Lets You Have a Sense of Control Over Something 

Many people who are stressed or anxious feel like they have no control over a situation. Baking allows you to feel like you have a sense of control over something and help ease your anxiety. You have all the power over how the finished product will turn out. 

It Makes You More Mindful 

Following the step-by-step process of baking can allow you to be more mindful, which is great for your mental health. A lot of focus and attention goes into baking, especially if you want something to turn out delicious. 

It Allows You to Escape Life’s Stressors 

Most people who are overly stressed simply want to break free. Baking is one way to offer an escape from the stressors of your life, as it allows you to focus on something else other than your thoughts and worries. It’s also thought to lead to more positive thoughts and feelings. 

Satisfying Things About Baking 

Those who enjoy baking know the most satisfying things about it. Below are some of the best things that can make you happy when you’re in the kitchen making your baked goods while relieving stress. 

The Smell 

Whether you’re making a loaf of bread or cinnamon buns, that pleasant smell filling your kitchen can make anyone feel happy. Scent can even trigger memories, and the smell of baked goods commonly makes people feel nostalgic about their childhood. 

The Creative Expression 

If you bake often enough, you’re always trying to find ways to make your finished product even better than the last time. Baking allows you to express your creativity by trying new ways to make your favorite pastry.  

Baking for Others 

Baked goods are often given as a way to show love, care, and affection. When you’re baking for someone else, it makes you feel satisfied with yourself for expressing your feelings to someone, especially if it’s harder for you to do it vocally. 

Eating it at the End 

Of course, the end result is always something delicious! However, it’s still important to remember to eat sugar in moderation. Too much sugar can make you feel even more anxious. 

The Most Popular Baked Goods 

What do most people like to bake when they’re feeling stressed? Below are some of the most popular baked goods individuals enjoy making and eating. 

  • Cookies 
  • Muffins 
  • Cornbread 
  • Cake 
  • Bagels 
  • Pie 

Bun slicer equipment

Do You Need Some Bun Slicer Equipment? 

Need some special automated equipment for baking in bulk? Lenexa Manufacturing Company has your back! Get in touch with us and see what we have to help you bake and relieve your stress.