UBE 06HL Bagger

Product description:

Used UBE 06HL

Condition: Good, running- Includes Bagger and Infeed Conveyor, No Packing Conveyor or Crossfeed

Price: $55,000 OBO with reburbishment/customization negotiable.


Model 06HL Bagger  – Wash Down Ready

The 06HL allows operators to hand load product off of a conveyor into separate flights.
The flights move the product into the bagger area.
Each flight of product is pushed into an inflated bag. Flights are 24 inches long. Infeed chain is Intralox belting.
The bagged product then moves onto the crossfeed conveyor and is ready to be closed at this point.
Products: Soft Rolls, Hard Rolls, Bagels, Muffins, and Pitas.
Carry-all free roller infeed
Changeable width infeed flights, changeable height of flights
Pass-through transfer of the top pusher through the bottom flights
Twin bag tables


3 ph, 50/60 hz
24 VDC control voltage standard
Air requirement:
10 cfm @ 90 psi dry filtered air

Bag Table
Crossfeed conveyor
CE Approval, guards and coded
magnetic door switches.
UL Approval
CSA Approval

*Customization and/or refurbishment is available for this unit, please contact us for a quote.