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You’re About to be a Hinge Blade Hero

Why are we so excited about our patent-pending Lock-Nut Hinge Blade Assembly? Because it totally changes how you change hinge blades.

  • No more changing the entire assembly when the blade wears down
  • No more difficult-to-remove rivets
  • No more storing of full replacement assemblies

Instead, what you get is an assembly with easy-to-remove lock nuts, allowing you to quickly and safely swap out blades while keeping the stem and hub. With our new system you can:

  • Remove worn blades in minutes
  • Replace only the blade and keep the stem and hub
  • Spend a fraction of the cost with each replacement
  • Store easy-to-stack blades instead of entire assemblies

This simple, smart advancement is a change we think you’ll appreciate. That’s why we want you to try it for yourself. Complete the form below and we’ll send you a free sample.