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A Brief Introduction to the Lenexa Manufacturing Company

A Brief Introduction to the Lenexa Manufacturing Company

“At Lenexa Manufacturing Company (LMC), we provide mid- to large-sized bakeries across America with high-speed automated machinery, replacement parts, and maintenance services to supercharge their operations.”

That’s our 10-second elevator pitch, at least.

But any bakery equipment manufacturer can make their services sound fancy by dressing them up in exciting language. What’s important is for you to be able to understand what we do at a glance, and decide whether or not it matches your needs.

That’s why we’ve put together this short and simple introduction to help you find out about everything we offer in one convenient place in less than five minutes.

LMC’s background in bakery machinery manufacturing

Although LMC launched in 2013, our background in manufacturing bakery parts and machinery stretches back around 60 years.

In 1964, Frank Bastasch opened United Bakery Equipment (UBE), a leading manufacturer of bread slicing and packaging equipment that’s still operating to this day. When UBE’s Kansas facility closed in 2013, most of the Bastasch family moved over to the California facility. But Steve Bastach, Paul’s son, decided to stay in Kansas and open LMC using his own extensive experience as a UBE employee.

In the beginning, LMC consisted only of Steve and Paul Steinke, the company’s head mechanical engineer. But even with just two people, our parts were a hugely popular choice for bakers in just about every state. From there, we recruited the finest engineers around until we grew into our current team of 13 passionate, knowledgeable, and talented industry experts.

As well as replacement parts, we now offer a huge range of new, used, and refurbished bread slicers, baggers, autoloaders, and heat sealers. We also offer design, custom manufacturing, and installation, as well as comprehensive machine maintenance and servicing. In all of our services, we emphasize continuing technological innovation, forming close relationships with all of our customers, and delivering superior quality every time.

Our suite of bakery machinery services


When you need specialized parts and components to customize your machinery, our engineers produce original designs using cutting-edge CAD software. We also make digital prototypes in SolidWorks 3D to test and improve their functionality before manufacture.


Once you’ve approved our designs, we produce them to your specifications in our 10,000sq. ft. factory space. While most manufacturers keep you waiting for weeks or months, we offer a 24-hour turnaround on custom parts.


In our online shop, you can find new, used, and refurbished bakery equipment that can be customized to meet your precise needs. We also offer plenty of UBE replacement parts such as hinge blades and band blades, most of which can include next-day delivery. If you’re not sure what kind of automated bakery machinery would best suit your operation, take our 60-second bakery equipment quiz to find your ideal match.


Once you’ve ordered equipment from LMC, we send one of our technicians to install it for you free of charge. They’ll stay with you for as long as you need to test your machine and answer any questions you have.

Maintenance and servicing

No matter where in the world your bakery is, you can request a visit from an LMC engineer to perform maintenance and servicing for your machines. This extends your equipment’s lifespan, and ensures you maintain peak productivity for as long as possible. Our engineers also provide related services like staff training or a maintenance plan review to optimize your operation.

Why we specialize in refurbished bakery equipment

When bakers are looking to buy automated bakery equipment, they often ask us whether they should choose new or used.

New machines offer a guarantee of quality, and their warranties mean you can avoid expensive repairs if they start to malfunction. But they often have very high price tags which some bakers struggle to afford as a single lump sum payment. This is especially true with newer bakeries, who already have a lot of expenses to cover.

On the other hand, used equipment is far more affordable, letting bakeries limit their overheads. The problem is that it’s hard to tell how well the equipment will function and how long it’ll be before repairs need to be made. And if they break, you might end up spending more money than you would have otherwise.

But when you buy refurbished bakery equipment, you get the benefits of both new and used without the downsides of either. That means you can:

  • Enjoy outstanding performance that’s indistinguishable from new equipment.
  • Purchase with confidence, since many refurbished units are still in warranty.
  • Save a huge amount of money that you can reinvest in other business areas.
  • Avoid yearly depreciation to ensure you receive the highest possible value.
  • Choose your equipment based on several years of industry use and reporting.

Our range of refurbished automated bakery machinery includes bread slicers and baggers, heat sealers, autoloaders, twist tyers, robots, automatic closure machines, and more. Each listing features the price, description, specifications, and condition notes, and some also have video demonstrations. That means you can quickly find the most suitable addition to your bakery at a phenomenal price.

Contact us today to discuss your bakery needs

At LMC, we use our extensive engineering experience to provide a comprehensive suite of manufacturing services that takes you from idea to product in record time. Our range of automated bakery equipment boosts your rate of production while also raising quality, and our inventory of spare parts keeps downtime to a minimum. And even after the sale, our friendly and experienced team is always available to maintain your equipment, offer expert advice, and help you reach your goals.

There’s no need to hesitate. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your bakery, and we’ll provide affordable and reliable custom equipment that puts you ahead of your competitors.